Cushion Coated Steel Overview
Coated Dunnage

Orange Vinyl Coated Steel Separator Bars


  • Indexed separators
  • Formed Angles
  • Formed Channels
  • Flat Bumpers
  • Scratch guard
  • Overhead paddles
Coated Steel Dunnage

Cross-linked Foam bonded to steel

Invented by Dunnage Engineering back in 1961, Vinyl Coated Steel is used world-wide as a dunnage material for shipping containers. The vinyl coating is a tough cushioning material that is permanently bonded to rust-inhibiting galvanized steel and can be formed exactly to the contours of the part being held. The material holds its shape through years of repeated use to protect parts from damage during storage and shipment.

Vinyl Coated Steel can be formed into almost any shape without ever delaminating. Its design flexibility allows for a wide range of intricate dunnage shapes including deep draw, complex curves, angled pockets, and tight spacing. Dunnage Engineering manufactures Vinyl Coated Steel into fully fabricated dunnage components that are ready to be inserted into a shipping container.

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Prototype samples can be developed very quickly and inexpensively. They are identical to actual production parts and therefore can be fully tested before manufacturing.

Advantages of Vinyl Coated Steel

  • Durable, long lasting material
  • Resistance to oil and abrasion
  • Wide range of shape possibilities
  • Excellent design flexibility
  • Virtually no tooling costs
  • Quick and inexpensive prototypes
  • Prototypes are production material
Coated Steel Dunnage

Blue Foam Coated Steel Separator Bars

Coated Steel Dunnage

Aluminum Hood Assembly

Coated Steel Dunnage

Plastic Fender Assembly

Coated Steel Dunnage

Aluminum Decklid Assembly

Coated Steel Dunnage

Cross Member Assembly

Coated Steel Dunnage

Sheet Metal Door Panel

Coated Steel Dunnage

Sheet Metal Dash Panel