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One of the most critical, yet often overlooked aspects of industry is material handling and shipping of components used in the manufacturing process. The use of custom returnable dunnage containers that protect parts during shipment is fundamental, whether parts are being moved across the building, across the country or overseas.

Company History

Dunnage Engineering has been providing the automotive industry with innovative returnable dunnage products since 1961. Our original product was vinyl-faced steel, invented in response to the automotive industry's need for an oil and abrasive resistant shipping rack dunnage material that would hold its shape throughout years of service. This product, and variations of it, continues to be the most durable and economical dunnage material solution for use in returnable containers. Vinyl Coated Steel remains an industry standard and is widely used throughout North America, Europe, and Mexico.

Injection Molding

In 1990, we introduced the automotive industry to shipping rack dunnage solutions made from injection molded plastic or thermoplastic rubber. Many dunnage projects are best suited for injection molding. In addition to shipping rack dunnage, we provide custom injection molded trays and totes that are specifically engineered for handling smaller, more delicate components.

Driven by Design

Dunnage Engineering is first and foremost a provider of dunnage solutions. Our design and engineering staff is committed to developing innovative solutions for our customers' needs. Utilizing the latest CAD solid modeling systems, software and prototyping techniques, we are able to accurately engineer dunnage solutions that meet each objective.


We are located in Brighton, Michigan, a northwest suburb of Detroit. Our proximity to the hub of the automotive industry allows us to utilize many of the resources available to the supply base.
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Quality/Environmental Control

Our Quality Operating System (QOS) is certified to the ISO9001:2015 standard. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the focus of our quality system. An Environmental Management System is in place in order to protect the environment, reduce waste, and ensure that all environmental laws and regulations are being followed.

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