Design & Development
  • Innovative dunnage solutions
  • Ability to accept many types of CAD files
  • In-house prototyping capability

Dunnage Design

The most important part of a dunnage project is a design solution that works. Our design engineers are creative, innovative, and draw upon many years of experience in the automotive packaging industry. Our name is Dunnage Engineering, and we feel that our ability to develop and engineer successful dunnage solutions has been the key to our company's success.

Our design department employs the latest CAD solid modeling software and equipment. We can design dunnage components either from CAD data or actual parts. Prototypes can be produced in a number of methods depending on the production material choice. Injection molded dunnage is usually prototyped out of CNC machined plastic, poured urethane elastomers, or Stereolithagraphy (SLA).

Container Rack Design

Our experience and expertise in the design of dunnage makes us perfectly suited to design your entire container or shipping rack. Dunnage Engineering's design team can specifically engineer a custom shipping container with the most suitable dunnage solution. From pre-concept design options to fully operational prototype, our designers will provide you with a container design that will meet your part protection criteria as well as your budget. We pay attention to all aspects of the design including maximum shipping density, ergonomics, anticipated production costs, reparability, etc. Finally, we follow through with a complete set of precise CAD build drawings. We can design racks utilizing either CAD data or parts. All prototype racks are constructed in-house. Let our experience in dunnage provide you with the right solutions!