Injection Molded Flipper Dunnage

Pivoting flippers can be designed for both manual and robotic loading/unloading of parts. These can be arrayed vertically in towers to support the weight of the panel or horizontally on round pipe to hold a panel upright. Counterweights, springs, and other features can be engineered for the purposes of automatically actuating the next flipper to accept another part.

flipper dunnage
Flipper Dunnage

As the weight of the panel pushes down on the flipper, it actuates the flipper above making it ready to accept the next panel.

Flipper Dunnage

Pivoting flippers on a sunroof assembly shipping rack.

Hood panel shipping rack with horizontal row of flippers.

Flipper Dunnage

Windshield assembly shipping rack. These flippers have a soft rubber (TPE) over-mold that contacts the glass.