Other Custom Injection Molded Dunnage

Support pods, bumpers, hooks, paddles, clips, brackets, etc. Many dunnage solutions do not fit neatly into a particular category. We never try to limit ourselves to what has been designed in the past. Each dunnage solution requires the proper amount of creativity and ingenuity.

Other dunnage

Dunnage for engine cradle shipping rack.

Flipper Dunnage

Rubber bumper for end of steel tube.

Other dunnage

Overhead Paddle Dunnage

  • Loaded on tubes and positioned over parts
  • Guide for loading & unloading the parts
  • Prevents contact between parts during shipping
  • Paddles are molded individually
Seperator Dunnage

Stacking Dunnage

  • Used for shipping large bumpers & fascias
  • Mimics contour of underside of the part
  • End-posts and targets allow stacking the parts
  • Load weight is transferred through the dunnage
  • Two pieces are utilized per part being shipped
Seperator Dunnage

Dunnage log for shipment of heavy-duty axles. Two piece construction assembled with bolts